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The Secret Millionaires

Updated: Jan 19

As I write this, the world in which we all live in, is creating secret millionaires by the minute.

This blog, as you know, always comes from a technology perspective.

This post is about the possible ways technology at this very moment, allows you to pull in multiple sources of income. But, it is a business, it will take investment, primarily your time. Now, if you have a thriving social media following there are some top ways to maximize income streams from this.

1. Brand Deals – you can find your own or you may be approached by a PR manager directly. Work out your managers cut and pick and choose which brands you’ll work with to endorse. Some brands pay as much in one post on a social media post than a whole month of ad sense revenue depending on your audience.

2. Ad sense revenue. If you are able to monetise your You Tube Account then there’s a bit of a calculation to be able to see the average you can earn a month through number of views, number of ads served and any click throughs. A longer term strategy, but if you are a consistent and a committed content producer it will start to pay off.

3. Podcasts – Podcasting through Anchor and serving ads in your Podcast means you will receive $$ for every 1000 listeners.

4. Merchandise selling your own line through some popular sites like Red Bubble

5. Buy / Sell – eBay, etsy, shopify and amazon

6. Online store – You’re own online store that you sell your own product or service

So the top three I mention, these are great now, although, my concern is that soon enough just like when we all got cable and satellite TV to avoid ads, we eventually were paying to watch ads. And much like watching our favourite content creators on You Tube, we are either swamped with watching ads served by ad sense, or someone we feel we connect with, now being paid by a brand to share it on their platforms and can be border line unethical!

It’s almost anyone can be an idol these days. And I use the word idol, after my daughter shared with me this is what they call celebrities in Asian culture. And I like that, because idols are whom people look up to for inspiration in a specific niche. Typically, we don’t call people we know or our friends our idols.

This means that in all reality, the real world and face to face will always prevail. Think about genuinely recommending a good book, you’re not selling that book for a referral but the book, or something else that will genuinely solve a legitimate problem to someone, is so well received by that person you have built a strong personal connection. They value you.

Just be aware, if you are not reading, you’re not leading. And honestly, you should tap into some amazing material out there from the people that have studied and are now sharing ideas on growing your personal portfolio. Right now we are in a world we can tap into both traditional and digital methods to replace the traditional methodology/mindset of exchanging time for money.

My top four? Bob Proctor – Napolean Hill and Grant Cardone – Steve Farber

My point being traditional methodology and mindset of earning your lifestyle is quickly diminishing there are so many ways you can accrue your wealth and this means that collectively through these different sources that are running behind the scenes in people’s lives, you may not realise who you interact with everyday! You may not follow this persons content online and may not be aware they are someone’s idol and more to the point a secret millionaire.

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