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I haven’t found a real estate agent that uses their database…

Updated: May 14

It may be a bit of a rant, but I have never found a good real estate agency engaging in the power of email marketing and relationship building. In particular, in the property management division.

I write from experience from when I worked in a real estate agency, when I have been a buyer, when I have been a seller and a tenant.

I haven’t ever witnessed a property management team use this information collected from Home Opens, web enquiries – or genuinely trying to find someone a home that fits the profile, to the good of the rental team or the sales team.

I am astonished as there is a pool of people (perspective tenants are potential owners) ready to be looked after and feel that once they have submitted their information to that company that you will continue trying to work for me. Should they be charging a fee and then this service would then be offered, or should it be free?

Either way, currently it’s not on offer and there isn’t proactive rapport building with tenants, remember they will either have to renew, find something else or buy when that lease expires. It’s golden. The better the customer experience at any point in that customers journey should be taken seriously and as an opportunity.

I have had real estate customers in the past and the same applies, it’s the sales force that comes first and the rental portfolio second, which blows my mind considering that rent roll is what is companies asset.

And talk about leave your mark on the carbon foot print. The amounts of Direct Mail and ‘Junk Mail’ that gets posted through the letter box isn’t ideal. I for one have to say it goes straight in the recycle.

We receive the local paper where they advertise. We see them on the local street advertising the through the door mail needs to end, it’s totally unnecessary and not targeted.

If a company finds good tenants then primarily they have a duty to keep them in the neighborhood and on the books unless they too become homeowners and even then, they would want their awesome property manager to look after their asset…. food for thought, have you found a great real estate agency? I’d love to see what they do using technology.

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