• Jodi Church

How to write an opt in email campaign

You may have set up a database, or data migration and perhaps haven’t captured the right to email consent or similar.

Maybe it’s because you’ve changed email marketing systems and need to ensure deliverability and engage your prospects or it could be a lead nurture tactic for cold leads.

Firstly, you must remember to include an unsubscribe option within the body of your email, always.

It’s annoying for anyone who has to try and look for it and when companies make it hard work, and you will lose brand credibility.

Here’s a wonderful way to deliver an opt in email campaign and the things you need;

2 x Your brand email template

1 x Make sure you set up a custom redirect URL to apply to your template button that on click adds your audience to your relevant lists and update their marketing preferences.

1 x new engagement journey and listen for the click on the opt in button (Your custom redirect) in your engagement journey within the period defined, in this example it’s one month, if they do not click then you will need to add them to a non consent list which you can use to ensure your they are taken off your database and perhaps they may even opt out entirely & then most email platforms will never send email to those who unsubbed.

Suggested subject and body text

Email One

Subject: We don’t want you to miss out


We haven’t seen you in a while, and your privacy is important. Therefore we need you to confirm you wish to keep hearing from us.

If you don’t want to miss out on updates about your Cash Rewards, invitations to our 10% discount weekends, and the latest {company} news, please click below. Without doing this, we will stop sending you any {Company} communications.

Listen for the click up to 7 days

Email 2

Subject: Please confirm your subscription to keep hearing from us

Body of Email 2

Dear {First Name},

We noticed you haven’t confirmed your subscription to our emails yet.

If you still want to receive updates about your {Company} Rewards account and exclusive discount days as well as the latest {Company} news, please click below.

Without doing this, we will stop sending you {Company} communications in the next month.

By this method you are explaining the purpose of the email, getting assurance that they want to hear from your brand (or not) and you have let them know within the time period communication your company will seize if they haven’t clicked.


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