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How to get the SWIPE UP call to action on Instagram stories under 10k followers in 7 steps!

If you are selling something (even yourself) you got to get on the fastest growing social media platforms on the planet.

Most though, only offer cool features to benefit you once you hit milestone followers.

With instagram it’s 10,000 followers and then you are able to offer swipe up to external links on your Instagram story.

So I need this feature, and have learnt the way to achieve it and I am giving you the step by step instructions for Apple iPhone here!

1. Copy the link of where you wish the visitor to go from your Instagram story.

2. If you don’t already have one, you will need an IGTV accounts. Go to the App Store to down load it. (IGTV is an extension of Instagram so that you can post longer stories of video content. )

3. Film a video on your phone at least 1 minute long. This is promoting what is over at your link as an example “how to purchase” etc… and you may like to tell your audience to click on the title of the video for more!

4. Hop on into your new IGTV app and press the “+” icon. You are going to add your video just filmed on your phone here. (You could get real techie and edited it prior to upload, in an app like iMovie) once its added you can choose a cover image from the video frames or use one from your photo gallery.

5. The title is where you place your call to action. An idea would be to use ➡️Click HERE to buy ⬅️ because in the description field underneath, is where you paste your link! Noteworthy…when you are watching an IGTV video you will see the title of the video at the top briefly and it will appear when you tap on the video, if you click on the title a drop down appears and this is where you can click the link!

6. Now you can post and you can select to post a preview to Instagram feed and Facebook if linked at this point.

7. Ok so now it’s posted to IGTV you need to hop over to your Instagram account and create your Instagram story! When you are creating it you will see the link icon – click on that

Then you have the option to add your recent IGTV video! So press the “+”

Hit ‘done’ you will then see on your story that the call to action has been added. Add some GIF stickers to encourage the swipe up action and POST! Noteworthy – you won’t be able to test the swipe up on your account so have a friend try it for you once you post your story.

And your done! Swiping up will take your viewer to your IGTV account where you can have a static image of 1minute or a video explaining how to get to your external content.

Good luck! If your new to Insta stories feel free to reach out to get started.

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