• Jodi Church

Excel Spreadsheets be gone!

With the economy having slowed down for Western Australia, it has become even more apparent for businesses to look after their current customers. It’s now an age that inbound calls are few and far between and the pressure back on to the Business Development team, however business development has taken new and very advance ways to generate leads in the digital world.

With more time required to be in activity including on the phone and in front of people networking, there is social media working 24/7, and to consolidate all of the possible touch points and deals, a multitude of channels, would you think that a variety of excel spreadsheets is good business practice?

CRM is one of the most underused tools for any business. To keep those inbound calls consistent, you need automated business processes that are working 24/7 behind the scenes allowing stress free face to face time with prospects. The down-time experienced for sales reps doing administration and follow ups is a burden and number one procrastination for most sales executives, it’s now time to be working smarter and is essential in this day and age.

The number 1 CRM cloud based system in the world is Salesforce, born in Silicon Valley, the pressure of an on premise system and clunky expensive custom built CRM’s can now be relieved by choosing a SaaS (Software as a Service) which means you have the most updated features and improvements of the software included in your subscription and zero downtime.

When you enter the world of Salesforce you fast learn that it’s a cult in itself, rightly so, you will also learn it is becoming one of the most sought after skill set for any recruiter in the world.

With opportunities of remote work, flexible working hours and a world wide recognised certification system it’s not only time your business invests in a CRM that is easy to use and at the same time returns in productivity and no costly down time or extra IT budgets, its an eco-system that allows your employees the opportunity to think out side the box, collaborate with other customers and contribute fresh ideas to growth and achieving company goals by using applications to value add to current processes or building the companies own applications without code.

How are you currently tracking your businesses prospects and sales journey, and is it working for you?

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