• Jodi Church

Eliminate emails!

Updated: Jan 25

Shock! Yeah, yeah we all want to, but leaders should enforce it in their orgs.

The complexities when someone leaves an organisation that all communication is now archived in their old Mailbox is simply silly.

Collaboration tools are being more and more widely used and with apps for your devices you can be immediately notified of changes or notes.

Collaborating within a project or team group and being @ mentioned, tagged and audited means you get the whole thread always, no matter who joins or leaves it’s staying put.

Keep track and keep information visible, it’s usually valuable!

That being said our top collaboration tools on the cloud are:

  1. Quip

  2. Slack

  3. Chatter

Trial them for free and pilot an online collab tool in your team ASAP!

Comment below if you have a favourite…

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