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Updated: Jan 25

So my journey with blogging started around 2009 when I started my first lifestyle blog.

It was mainly around personal products I was using but then when I had my children it adopted more of what I was using for them and the household too.

But, because I love cosmetics and skin care so much (when I left school I actually studied Make Up Artistry), I started a freelance business and also a You Tube channel.

Back then it was the OG days of You Tube, and I had a decent enough following and genuine engagement with the beauty community around the world. It was good fun, although I had some security scares and shut it all down, it doesn’t deny the fact I was actually doing something I loved, and gave joy and information to others.

Fast forward 10 years and You Tube is still going but the online ability to sell products or join an affiliate program are very lucrative and easier than ever!

I have had the honour of working for a french luxury brand but prior to that was not only using but selling as part of my freelancing opportunity Arbonne products. When I first started at the french brand I actually found it hard to sell their products because I loved what I had been using for years prior!

When I meet people for the first few times one of the first questions I get asked is what I use on my skin or get a skin related comment, and even with this company it’s far easier to point people in the direction to order what I use via my link so I have decided to add it to my site for easy access.

I would call my self a mascara snob, and there are only two on this planet that I can use, and that’s due to any others I have tried (and I have tried them ALL believe me) seem to crumble on my lashes so I can recommend that from my affiliate site.

Speaking of affiliations, one absolutely no brainer way of making passive income is to join a referrals program. In what ever field you like or are engaged with but mine has for 8 years now been with Arbonne. I have been approached in that time by so many people to join Arbonne or similar but I have been happy with my results and choices in this brand over this time at the same time still supporting fellow friends in their own ventures.

It’s interesting to now pick up that even a network marketing company are using Salesforce Community Cloud. Albeit branded, as you would expect, a giant direct sales company uses Salesforce to organise independent consultants to run their own businesses out of. So this blog post wasn’t all in vein, I’m always appreciative of being able to spot companies strategies and using the best online tools they can with their objective always in sight.

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